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What we offer

  • Group Charters:

    We also specialize in both small and large group itineraries, and match the proper aircraft, helicopter, limousine and yacht/boat to the size of the respective group traveling. This includes a broad spectrum of groups including professional and college sports teams, international students, booster club members, music and film industry crews, and many more. What sets us apart from other suppliers is the comprehensiveness of our data base system, which allows easy access to all modes of transportation to accommodate all groups.

  • Military and Government Charters:

    ODF’s senior management possesses comprehensive experience and skills in both military and government agency logistics, both in the air and on the ground. Our extensive contacts in the industry, understanding of the complexity of government contracting, and keen knowledge of the criteria required to become CARB certified through the DoD process make us uniquely qualified to support ODF’s military and government customers. This combination of talent enables ODF to perfectly match the customers’ needs with the available supply of assets around the globe.

  • Private Charters:

    All of ODF charters are designed to provide customers with the most convenient and comfortable means of travel to their destination, with a booking process that is simple and quick to complete. Our private charters are offered to business executives, individuals and families who require convenience, efficiency and privacy in their travel schedules.

  • Concierge Service:

    For customers with end-to-end requirements, ODF assists with limousine/car services, high-end accommodations, yacht/boat services and other special requests such as catering and luggage/cargo, etc. as needed.

Additional Services we offer

We serve a wide range of clients and special events including but not limited to:
Business clients
Leisure clients
Military commands
Government agencies
Emergency services
Entertainment industry
Sports teams
University administrators/staff
International students
Family occasions (vacations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations)

ODF is a unique end-to-end airlift provider that accommodates a variety of primary and related services, including:
Commercial and private charters
Military logistics and support
Cargo and freight forwarding
Personal security and protection services in high-risk and hostile environments
Humanitarian needs
Emergency evacuations, including medical evacuations
Medical charters (organ transfers and related needs)
Special events

ODF’s primary services encompass a variety of aircraft, to include light, mid-size and heavy jets, turboprops, helicopters, and cargo lift, to satisfy all aspects of business, leisure, commercial and government needs. In order to optimize cost we use a unique, specialized data base which matches client demand with availability instantly. Clients will know in real-time and without delay the options available to them for their itinerary and special requests.

All non-transportation requests and amenities are handled with the utmost of care, confidentiality and speed in order to provide the client first-class service throughout the process.

For military or private needs in high-risk and hostile environments, in addition to airlift assets, ODF provides both in the air and on-ground security and protection.

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